Bleriot Memorial

The Bleriot Memorial: Tribute to a Historic Flight

Mark Hazleton at the Bleriot Memorial View of Dover Castle from road to Bleriot Memorial Mark, Marlis, Ian, and Berit Hazleton on the Bleriot Memorial near Dover Castle.  After making the first channel flight by aeroplane, Louis Bleriot landed at this spot on Sunday 25th July 1909.  This memorial was presented to the Aero Club of the United Kingdom by Alexander Buckham.

Nestled on the windswept cliffs of Dover, England, the Bleriot Memorial stands as a testament to the pioneering spirit of aviation. It commemorates the achievement of Louis Blériot, the first aviator to fly across the English Channel in 1909. This historic 37-kilometer flight from Calais to Dover marked a new chapter in human endeavor and connected continents in an unprecedented way.

Triumph of the Skies: Blériot's Leap into History

The first person to fly the English Channel in an airplane was a Frenchman called Louis Bleriot. Louis Blériot took to the skies on July 25, 1909, in his Blériot XI aircraft. He won a prize of £1,000 from the Daily Mail. An earlier attempt five days earlier, by Englishman Herbert Latham, had ended when he had ditched in the sea.

Defying skeptics, Blériot successfully completed the cross-Channel flight, landing near Dover Castle and securing his place in the annals of history. The memorial marks the spot where Blériot's plane touched down, forever changing the future of international air travel.

Bleriot, a motorcar headlamp manufacturer, had injured his foot and walked to his plane with the aid of crutches. He took off at 4.37am and, guided by smoke from a French destroyer, he spotted St Margaret’s Bay. Turning towards Dover he was caught by the wind and made a crash landing in Northfall Meadow, behind the Castle, breaking the undercarriage and propeller. The whole journey had taken 20 minutes.

A memorial in the form of a stone silhouette of Bleriot’s plane is set into the ground at the place where he landed.

Exploring the Site of Aeronautical Milestones

The Bleriot Memorial is not just a monument but also a vantage point offering panoramic views of the Channel. Visitors to the site can immerse themselves in the pioneering days of flight and reflect on the progress of aviation that has since connected every corner of the globe.

Here is an aerial view from Google Maps (Scroll down to see Dover Castle

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Visiting the Vicinity: Dover's Rich Tapestry

While in the area, explore Dover Castle's medieval fortifications, the secret wartime tunnels, and the iconic White Cliffs. The coastal town of Dover itself is steeped in history, offering museums, gardens, and walking trails that trace the legacy of Britain's gateway to Europe.

The Bleriot Memorial is more than a monument; it's a pilgrimage site for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Join us at to discover the story of Louis Blériot and the many attractions Dover has to offer. Stand where history was made and let your imagination soar across time and tide.

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