Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an endangered species research and conservation center near Glen Rose, Texas. The facility has over 1,000 animals from 50 species.[9] Guided and self-guided tours of the center are the main attractions

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Please switch to our new blog
To everyone who follows our blog here, thank you very much! I just wanted to mention that when we recently switched to a new website, we also took on a new WordPress blog. It can be found at: This will be the final post at this blog location. Thanks again for reading and we hope […]

Fossil Rim to debut new website
As Fossil Rim Wildlife Center continues to strive for improvements to its facilities and roads, among other things, its online presence will be following suit in the coming days. The website address will remain, but the presentation has undergone a full makeover. “Primarily, we wanted to sell tickets online – for admission, booking a […]

Texas trip pays off for future vet
Nicole Brooks is no stranger to traveling, and her winter trip to Texas may very well kick-start her professional career. Brooks was the veterinary preceptee at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center from Jan. 1 until Feb. 10. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Florida and Rhode Island, Brooks has lived in several other states, as well. […]

Fossil Rim aids addra gazelle conservation
Conservation of wildlife requires an understanding of animal social organization. Investigating this for the addra gazelle is particularly important, both because the large numbers of this critically endangered species kept in Texas are a safeguard against extinction and because reintroduction efforts to bolster the vanishing wild populations in Africa will draw from captive stock. When […]

Prescribed burning promotes pasture improvement
On the surface, intentionally setting fires in a park with roughly 1,100 animals may seem unfathomable. Digging deeper, however, it is likely to be of great benefit to both the landscape and wildlife. In late January, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Agriculture Resources Manager Daniel Branham and Senior Grounds Maintenance Technician Trent Sandlin began the process […]

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