Warsaw -Poland's Capital City

We took the train to Warsaw from Lodz. We arrive at the hotel.  Mark and Jared mind the luggage and Marlis, while Elaine and Lesley check into the Marriott. 

In the park near one of the castles in Warsaw Warsaw Winter Walking Tour (If They Only Had Known) Picture with peacock on the Warsaw tour, a very cold peacock. Statue of Chopin, much more inviting when it is not 20 below zero! Chopin in the Park Anyone? Warsaw winter walking tour guide Cold?  This Isn't Cold!  Notice the bird feeding out of the guides hand, what you don't see is the frozen remains of Mark, Jared, and Elaine trying to say Warsaw castle in winter Lake behind castle in Warsaw park in winter. No Paddleboating Today! Castle in park in Warsaw Castle Closed Peacocks around the castle The Warsaw walking / driving tour lasts at least an hour longer than anyone cares to remember A Walk in the Park Another building on the castle grounds in Warsaw, "You Should See It in the Spring". The entry into Old Town in Warsaw rebuilt after world war II to be an exact replica of what was lost during the war.  Warsaw was leveled during the war. Warsaw Old Town entrace.  I really liked this shot, also impressed how well my camera was holding up in the bitter cold, better than I was! Entry into Old Town - Catholic Church in Background A Warsaw Catholic Church Ducks in Warsaw Marlis Hazleton checks out the ducks in the pond in the park across the street from the new Hyatt in Warsaw Feed the birds, polish style.  It was a nice winter day for a trip to the park, not too cold. The pond in the park outside of the Warsaw Hyatt The pond in the park outside of the Warsaw Hyatt The pond in the park outside of the Warsaw Hyatt Little town of Lowice between Lodz and Warsaw This was the town which is known for it's traditional costume. A view of a government building in Warsaw Sushi Bar in Warsaw Sushi Bar in Warsaw

Lesley takes a break with Marlis, while Elaine, Jared and Mark go on a 3 hour (scheduled) ride/walk tour of Warsaw.   Little did we know how MUCH walking, and that the temperature had dipped to the minus teens (i.e. -19 C. ).  While it was a nice tour, it was really cold.

Jared made the call to end the tour early and head to the restaurant for a few drops of warmth.  Lesley go lost on the way, but finally made it with Marlis.  We had a great time at a restaurant that overlooks the famous Old Town Square in Warsaw.


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