Wroxeter was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. Much of the site where it stood has escaped subsequent development and so it can provide extensive information about what the city was like.

We arrived at Wroxeter at sunset or about 3:45pm.  Since the site closes at 4, we had to make a very quick tour of the grounds as darkness approached. Ian and Berit do some climbming arround the ruins,  they had much energy after being stuck in the car for a couple of hours.

More on Wroxeter
If the pictures don't give you an idea of the scale, then here is a virtual tour of what the place used to look like, you will need to download a view for this tour. Birmingham Archaeology Wroxter Virtual Tour

Since we got there so late we were not able to visit the Roman Vineyard that is very close to the ruin.  Something for another trip!

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