Gladys Porter Zoo

Gladys Porter Zoo The Gladys Porter Zoo is an oasis nestled in the center of Brownsville, Texas. With 26 acres of lush tropical plants and some 1,300 animals, the Gladys Porter Zoo is known for it's successes in breeding endangered species of wildlife. The Gladys Porter Zoo is owned by the City of Brownsville and is operated by the Board of Directors of the Valley Zoological Society.  Gladys Porter provides a perfect break from the beach or visits to Mexico.  We had a great time on our visit there.



Marlis checks out the flamingos Time for lunch The jaguar rests in the shade on a very hot day The pink flamingo struts his (her?) stuff. Monica pets the goats Marlis with the goats Weston hangs out with the saber-tooth tiger as we take a break from the heat and injoy the cool indoor exhibit on dinosaurs.

Map of Gladys Porter Zoo

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