Our travels have taken us to many great cities.  When we travel with our children, we found that the zoos in a big town are a great way to spend an afternoon.  There is only so much museum and art gallery time that a toddler will put up with.  But the excitement of a world-class zoo or Aquarium can not be beaten.

Each zoo has its own feel and something always stands out as a fond memory of the trip.  So, enjoy our zoo pages and let me know if there is a zoo that is a 'must see' that we have missed. 

Here are the zoos that we have visited:

  • Zoos of Texas
    • Gladys Porter Zoo - Brownsville, Texas (website )
    • San Antonio Zoo - San Antonio, Texas (website)
    • Fort Worth Zoo - Forth Worth, Texas (website ) 
    • Houston Zoo - Houston, Texas (website ) 
    • Dallas Zoo - Dallas, Texas (website )
  • Zoos of Louisiana
    • Audubon Zoo - New Orleans, Louisiana (website)
  • Zoos of the World
    • Berlin Zoological Garden and its Aquarium - Berlin, Germany (website )
    • Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden - Budapest, Hungry (website ) 
    • London Zoo, London, England (website )
    • Dudley Zoological Gardens, Dudley, England (website ) 
      This is one of my favorite 'finds' in England.  It is a zoo built on the grounds of a castle ruin and on a big hill.  So in one place you get a great workout, see some animals, and get to wander around the ruins of a castle. (all it needs is a waterfall to hit my high tourist points)
    • Lodz Zoo - Marlis and her nanny visited this zoo while we were living in Poland.

We have visited some very nice aquariums, but don't have as many pictures 


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