Budapest Zoo

We had a great visit to the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden. The zoo is a conservation and research center with internationally important breeding programs for endangered native and exotic species. Completed in 1911, most of the zoo's original buildings have now been replaced, although the elephant house near the main gate remains largely intact.

Improved funding has meant that facilities are now on a par with standards of those in the west, with the zoo also being very well-signed and child friendly. The attraction is open all year round, but longer hours operate during the summer months.

The zoo is a leading animal collection in Eastern Europe with more than 2000 animals. Spectacular animal display representing the African Savannah, the arctic area, and the wetland habitats. The population of more than 200 primates is of international repute. Large family groups of playful monkeys.

A lovely park under conservation order with remarkable trees, shrubs and flower beds. An oasis of calm in a busting city. Farm in the metropolis - ancient Hungarian livestock: swallow bellied woolly pigs, bold necked hens, spotted cattle, mudi dogs, cikta sheep, hucul horse is shown a peasant farm of period buildings from the upper Tisza region. A 130 year old beautiful zoo - listed art noveau and national style buildings of the best Hungarian architects of the century.

This big bear welcomed us to the zoo.  The giraffe reaches for some food DSC01649.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01650.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01651.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01652.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01653.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01654.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01655.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 Butterfly in the Budapest Zoo taken Aug 18, 2002 DSC01658.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01659.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01660.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002 DSC01661.JPG taken on Aug 18, 2002

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